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Advanced services


Professional linguistic proofreading

When we score (especially in localizations) we often face problems of incorrect translation, linguistic errors and like. We therefore offer our customers to use the services provided by experienced proofreaders coming from the leading institutions such as Moscow State University, Moscow State Linguistic University named after M. Torez, Russian State University for the Humanities, etc.). Many of our customers have already used this service and been very satisfied with it. You would most likely agree that proper sounding of the Russian language isn't something insignificant. We don't charge any commission for these services. It is advantageous for us to offer our customer a wider range of services and eventually raise the quality of our production. It is our policy to consider our customers' production to be ours as well which means we assume full responsibility for its quality. This is exactly why we would like to help our customers to the best of our ability in making high-quality production. We protect our reputation and that of our partners.


Development, scoring and recording using the Dolby Digital 5.1 format

We now also take up works related to Dolby Digital 5.1 multi-channel surround sound. We produce 6-channel spatial recording, development and scoring of the material and AC3 encoding. Processing of the «original» material with replacement (editing) of the central voice and/or any other tracks is also possible. Final product can be handed out on a DVD master disk.


Video programs and clips scoring

Video programs and clips scoring by professional actors and announcers as well as: correction, editing, production, direction, charting and other accompanying necessary services provided by beginning as well as renowned artists. Video material formats: VHS, S-VHS, DV, any PC formats, Betacam. You can watch and listen to demos of scored clips in our studio.


Professional translation and scoring of multimedia programs of any complexity

This is a joint project of "Fonetix® Translations" и "13 Studio Records Ltd"
The aim of the project is to offer a new integrated product: Russian localization of CDs with teaching software, demo clips, presentations, etc. Professional announcers score texts prepared by professional translators. It is possible to order a CD creation “from scratch”.
Execution of the russification job by a united team of experts in various fields is advantageous compared to separate translation of text data at one place and recording a CD at another. Most technical problems arise at the turn of various fields. In our case you are exempt from these problems because the co-ordination of these issues is done by the experts working jointly.
"Fonetix® Translations" has been on the tranlations market for 14 years and has a vast experience in translating business, technical and any other information.
Scoring is done by professional actors and announcers, using modern professional equipment, processing and effects.
Final result can be obtained by a customer either in the form of separate audio and video files (wav-, avi-, mpg-, mp3- and other formats) or as a one-for-one finished multimedia disk.
The price of this service is negotiable.
Please call us at +7-(095)-506-86-64 or e-mail: with all your questions.

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Complex services

The only proposal on the Russian market:

complex professional translation and scoring of any complexity.

More details>>>

Our partner

Russian technical agency for translation FONETIX

Professional technical translations of any complexity. All languages. The  leaders since 1988.


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Russian technical agency for translation Fonetix®

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