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Our works


Here youll find the information about our production, the projects on which our studio has worked, the persons and companies who cooperated with us.


Enterprises and organizations


Enterprises and organizations that make use of our services:


CJSC Ericsson Corporation AO- Russia, Nortel Networks Global Corporation- Russian department, GlobalTel- mobile satellite communication - Russian department of GlobalStar, Computerra Publishing House, Toyota- Japan, Buka, VimpelCom- cellular network Bee Line, the IMA-PRESS agency Gridnine- Sweden, Fonetix Translations, SWI Development company, AT Electronic and Communication International, CBS News, East Line Group, Atlantis Communications, Gamma Telecom- the group of companies MKTS, CJSC Malvine United, Masterdent, Domodedovo Air Service, Askania-Nova- USA, VS Trade, Ivolga Electronics Audio Corporation,, Millstream, Moscow State Linguistic Univercity (MGLU), RCI Russia, Ladder International Group- Russia, the representation of Cummins in Russia, ESPRO International Ltd., Evrokniga, Media Art agency, The Institute of a Person Restoration of M.Norbekov, Intense(Intense Educational Ltd), Spirit, Econica, Living Language, CJSC Servicemash, Corporation N.Z. Film studio XXI century, Airport Domodedovo, The Centre of Assistance to the Creative Initiatives and Culture and others.




Some projects in the field of communication, education and entertainment


Our company is the leader in the field of design and support of voice audio lines IVR (interactive voice response) in Russia.

     Our exclusive technologies KOVL (Keep One Voice Line) and SMT  (Scripting Master Tool) allow us, in a relatively short time, to create the complete sets of audio scripts and audio lines of high quality for our customers' IVR.

      The technologies of our company and its experience guarantee irreproachable quality of final product. We provide our services in this field to dozens of Russian and foreign companies producers of equipment and information technologies, media holdings, communications operators, etc.


      One of the best and recognized systems of the English language learning Bridge to English made by Intense Educational Ltd is scored by our studio.


      As a result of close cooperation with the company Soft Industry we issued a series of computer games Crystal Lab, Checked Hall, Baron Munchhausen, parts 1, 2 and 3.


      Scoring of computer games, dictionaries and multimedia appendices is an important part of our activity.


      During the past time hundreds of multimedia, games and videos localizations was made in our studio.


      The studio has recorded many soundtracks for plays, concerts, show programmes, performances and other shows.


      In 1999 the studio restored rare, concert and amateurish records (re-mastering) of V. Vysotski songs beginning from the earliest ones (1966). As a result we have  the sheer collection of  Vysotski  records on 30 compact disks.


      Besides, our studio worked at remastering of many records of our customers rarities, gramophone and dictaphone records, cassettes, interviews, lectures, etc. many of them were of poor quality.


      In 1999-2000 the studio prepared an integration of the series The Collection Professional, consisting of 23 disks. It is the selection of music compositions for professional sports and ballroom dances with possibility of tempo and tone correction in DTM (Digital Tempo &Tone Mastering) in order to bring in correspondence with demands of Russian and international Federations of sports and ballroom dances to music accompaniment of dances.

      In 2001 the studio issued the continuation of the above-named series, which now has 38 discs instead of 24. We also made records and sequels for professional dancers on special orders.


      Scoring of computer games, dictionaries and multimedia appendices is an important part of our activity.


Our works in brief: recording of solo performers, groups, choirs; sound recording for Russian versions of multimedia and computer games; re-mastering of old records; recording and preparation of sound tracks for performances, concerts, show programmes, etc.; digital re-mastering and bringing compositions to required standards for professional sports and ballroom dances with correction of tempo and tone in DTM (Digital Tempo &Tone Mastering);making of advertising clips, etc.

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