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The Equipment of the Soundrecords Studio


The studio works on professional equipment:


Mixer consoles Mackie 8-Bus Series, Behringer EURORACK MX2004, (in the whole 24 and 20 input channels, 12 sub-groups).

Digital record on HDD - MOTU HD 192, RME Fireface 800 and Tascam US-428  in sum till 24 channels for synchronous record.

Vocal record – studio tube microphone RODE NTK.

Control monitors of neighbour and middle zone EVENT 20/20bas.

The main work station – PC on the base Intel Pentium IV 2,6 GHz, 2x80 Gb Raid SCSI.

2 Additional station on the base Intel Pentium IV 2,6.

Analog record on magnetic tape 2” – STUDIO 16-track tape-recorder Mechlabor STM-700 – till 16 channels for synchronous record.

MIDI-equipment: MIDI Keyboard Controller Roland A-33, sampler-synthesizer module KORG TRITON Rack, analog modeling synthesizer KORG EM-1ELECTRIBE, module Korg NS5R, rhythmic sampler KORG ES-1ELECTRIBE, MIDI Controller-Tascam US-428.

Sampler sound module E-MU E4XT Ultra

Percussion plant TAMA Starclassic with 8 microphones Shure, AKG;

Second percussion plant Pearl.

Hardware (cymbals) ZILDJIAN ZBPR4P PLUS ROCK (14”HiHats, 16”Crash, 20”Ride).

Tube pre-amplifier/compressor TLAudio Fatman Fat 2.

Guitar machine DIGITECH GNX2 (technology GENETX).

Record on CD with Yamaha CRW 2200 S (SCSI) and Philips CD-RW CDD 3660

Cassette sounding board  Marantz SD-4050.

Studio bobbine tape-recorders:TEAC A-2340R (Serial#13582, 4 track, 4 channel), TEAC A-3340, STM-200(rate 19 and 38)

DVD-Recorder Marantz.

Studio tube, condenser and dynamic microphones Rode, Shure, AKG, ATTR, Sennheiser.

Instruments for processing Alesis, dbx, Behringer, Technics and others.

Commutation – the full symmetry through cables “Jacobs”.

Equipment for record/reproduction on CD, Minidisk, professional bobbine tape-recorders, record-players, etc.

The equipment of the firms Hafler, Symetrix, Tascam, Dod, Sherwood, Marantz, Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic (Technics) and others.



Aquarium (vocal room) – special sound-proof premises 35mІ (90mі).

Apparatus room – 22mІ (55mі); relax room – 20mІ.

And besides: reception-room, counting-house and other additional premises. 

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